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BPS - Product Groups

BPS-FRESH - Fresh Vegetables Packaging  requiring Controlled OTR

BPS-PET - Pet Foods and Treats Packaging

BPS-SNACK - Baked, Salty and Processed Snack Packaging

BPS-MILL -  Powders, Sugars and Grain Packaging

BPS-EARTH - Fertilizers, Pesticides and Seed Packaging

BPS-CAFÉ – Coffee and Tea Packaging from Bulk to Individuals

BPS-MEATS - Forming and Non-forming Webs

BPS-STEAM - Steam in Bag Packaging for all types Microwaveable Packaging

BPS-LIDDING - Peel, Lock and Re-Seal Lidding for all materials

BPS-LABEL—Peel & Reseal Labels for all packaging needs